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Why pay hefty commissions?

With Appify you get all the benefits of online ordering with zero commissions.

How it works?
Easy ordering

A customer places the order.

The customer uses your website or mobile app to place the order from the convenience of their own device.

Easy order receiving

You accept the order.

When an order comes in you will hear the order receiving tablet ring. Click on the order and accept the order. It's that simple.

Real time confirmation

Customer gets

Your customer gets a notification in real-time and is always in the know as to when their food is going to be ready for pickup or when it will be delivered.

Zero Commissions

Appify offers all the good things that come with online ordering, without the hefty commissions. You only pay a small monthly fee to use the software.

Your own branding

When a customer orders from aggregators like Menulog and Uber, they become their customers not yours. Don't make that mistake. Build a site with your brand assets.

Loyal customers

When customers order directly from your website, they remember your brand. This, in turn, increases loyalty and repetitive orders. Cha-Ching.

The Appify platform has helped us save on cost and drive our profitability up. It has made menu updates and area changes so easy that we don’t have to wait for someone to do it for us. We can do that all by ourselves.

Jim Feeney

Zesty Joes Pizza

We have started to get a lot of orders back from the third party platforms. We can visualise where we are doing good and where not. It has helped us to understand the importance of data. The branding control we have here is just amazing. Highly recommend.

Ron Seekal


Simple Pricing

Add Ons
Mobile Apps - $100/month
+ Setup cost - $999 once off
Receipt Printer - $399
Order receiving tablet- $199
Domain Name - $20/year
Custom Design - $999
Menu update - $99/update
Prices are excluding GST and apply to new customers only

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